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May 04, 2010


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Bizzaro Watchdog

More one-sided dribble Tim. Frontline and PBS are great for spending my taxpayer money and presenting only one side of the story. Clearly, you are too, as there isn't a single good thing in this post about for-profits. Why is that Tim? Surely, there is something good to be said about for-profits Tim?

It's clear to the unbiased observer, the for-profit schools are just another target of the ideological warriors in DC. How absurd is applying the "gainful employment rule" to only for-profits? Are not-for-profits above suspicion I wonder Tim? This post reeks--as does PBS and Frontline!

By the way, Barmak Nassirian is everything I envisioned him to be and more. Only Frontline could have a lobbyist from the not-for-profit sector describe the shortcomings of the for-profit sector--HELLO! November won't come soon enough.


November? The Tea Partiers are not out there to go to the mat for a so-called "private sector" niche which would not survive for five months without the U.S. DoEd. The for-profit postsecondary education sector is the very thing the Tea Party will crush -- a fake business niche that is 100% "bail out," i.e., it wouldn't exist without the taxpayer largesse. Granted, there are old-fashioned conservatives who love "voucher" programs, which is essentially what the Stafford/Pell program has become: charge as much as DoEd will provide and then any excess remaining, over and above your operating costs, are "private profits." However, the Tea Partiers seem to have no patience for the traditional conservatives. What about the "waste" in the state college sector? Someday the Tea Partiers will realize that you have to start at the city and county level with reform movements, not at the federal level. Then they will see that hardworking families have assumed all along that they will be receiving a huge in-kind subsidy for state higher ed, presumably from taxpayers who don't have kids. Once you start telling these families that they will have to pay the full cost of operations for a state college education -- most likely $125,000 per year, then you will lose those voters.

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