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March 22, 2010


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Joan FB

It's about time that we have had some Senators hear the plight of the educated middle class. Unfortunately, it isn't enough to provide much relief for those who have old student loans. The lenders will still have a good time keeping us as indentured servants. The student loan activist groups have helped the younger students with caps on payments and fairer lending practices, but there is still a long way to go. Corruption is still entrenched in our society and it is only the beginning of ending this practice in all areas of lending practices. Be aware America -- and don't take out loans. Work a year, pay a year, and as Dave Ramsey says, pay cash.


I have a private loan that is in default with Key Bank. I was able to take a Sallie Mae loan I had that was in default and convert it to the Direct Loan program. Does anyone know if the new law will allow us to do that with the private loans? The things I am seeing in the press seems to suggest not, but most news report do not seem to have a clue about the scandal that is the student loan industry.

Joan FB

Dear BrokeJD, there are many groups of students out there that have a united webb site you can access for empirical information and answers to most of your questions. Go to Robert Applebaums studentloanforgiveness webb site. Plug it in google and you will find it. Sign up and become a member of the Team. There is power in numbers.

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