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March 30, 2010


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Jonathan Swain

Re: Anyone care to share their ideas for how to bend this curve to make college more affordable?

To answer this, ask yourself one question: What incentive do schools have to lower the cost of college? ...still thinking? It may be awhile. With students virtually insulated against the cost of tuition until 6 months after they graduate, there's absolutely no reason why any school would consider lowering their costs. That is, unless they suddenly needed to compete for customers. The only way that higher education will get cheaper is if more options become available to students. Think about it. Why would I take a class where I pay $600 (or more) for some "forced tutoring"? That's all college really is -- forced tutoring. Everything you learn in a job, you learn "on the job". You have the responsibility to learn it or you're gone. Why is higher education so different? Can't I be given the option to study on my own and then take an exam to demonstrate my understanding? Why am I forced to pay for tutoring...I mean, tuition expenses, when I'm perfectly capable of learning on my own? Yes, some people will need a teacher to help them along. But for those of us that are driven to succeed (or would just like to save several thousands of dollars), we don't need someone to read for us. We're perfectly capable of doing it ourselves.

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