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March 18, 2010


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Jeff Grimm

9 billion transferred to Health Care....what a garbage bill

Bizzaro Watchdog

Look at all those savings Tim! Yippee!!!! Who's saving though? Is it the taxpayer? I don't see anything in your breakdown like a refund for the average-day American--is it in there or am I just blind? (Maybe George Miller was just telling a "little" white lie when he said that the taxpayers would save money!) Or, maybe, Miller's just an ideologue who can't justify this legislation with the truth--so, he lies about it instead!

This is just another liberal share-the-wealth bill. Only, Americans will be sharing more of their wealth so that a chosen few can attend college (the liberals have utterly failed our country in delivering a cheap college education). And of course, the liberal/higher education complex will continue to be the ultimate beneficiaries of all this taxpayer largesse!

The bottom-line from your fearless leadership in Congress and the White House--choke on it America!


Over the past 30 years, significant savings from various federal student loan amendments has gone to the U.S. Treasury/deficit reduction -- with much resentment along the way from the education business, postsecondary institutions, the lending business, the access advocates, etc. Now that most of the savings is actually getting plowed back into postsecondary education, rather than "dumped into the general Treasury," you would think that everyone would be ecstatic.

Katie Dunneback

Craigie, the only people that don't like it are the lenders.

I'm ecstatic!

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