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November 22, 2009


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This is very interesting. I'd like ot know more about these counties to see if there are common traits that are driving these results.
I will say that on the surface, if you are a small community bank in MS you may not want to put student loans in your portfolio. I guess in some ways this makes a case for regional and national lenders who can spread Risk over a wider area.

I also find it interesting that only one county is north of the Mason-Dixon line. But again, without knowing the common traits of these counties it's hard to guess at what is driving these results.


The interesting point missing from this list is the population size of these counties. For instance Quitman, Mississippi county has a population size of just 8,724 people based on the last census data (per Google). With the fact that the average age in rural counties is above 40 years old, how many of these people of the 8,724 would have student loans? If only a few of these people have students loans, and just a few are 90 days past dew, it can make the 90+ percentage much higher without being significant statically.

Meigs, Tennessee 50.00% - pop of 11,086
Woodruff, Arkansas 41.38% - pop of 8,741
Hamilton, Florida 40.66% - pop of 13,327

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