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May 11, 2009


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Re: "...for some reason my blog has been relatively comment free"

The only reason there aren't many comments on your blog is because you are flawless...seriously! Everything you post is accurate, researched, factual, documented and thoughtful. So much so that I think further discussion gets "nipped"... there's nothing more for anybody to add.

Thank you for your passion to analyze the issues that impact the student loan industry. I wish every industry had a professional blog like yours, replete with timely and valuable information.

Your blog is top of my RSS feeds!


Does anyone know what this means for people who have loans from My Rich Uncle? If they are unreachable (liquidated), then what happens to the loans?


I just started calling those who I have taken out loans with as I just graduated. Does anyone have any idea what I do about my loan with My Rich Uncle??


The only thing I really want to know is since MRU has filed bankruptcy, can my loans be canceled..sheesh


No your loans can't be canceled you are liable for them. Some bank owns the loan and they will come after you if you stop paying

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