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April 07, 2009


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Well we are almost 12 months into their 12-18 month timeline on bringing jobs back to the U.S.

I just called Sallie Mae today & was disconnected from the first customer service girl. The 2nd girl transferred me to a young guy. All 3 of these customer service people had foreign accents. When I asked the guy where he was located he told me the Philippines.

Sallie Mae's customer service is outrageous & the fact that these jobs are still overseas is criminal considering our current unemployment level in this country.

I called in reference to my nieces school loan because I'm trustee of the trust of a deceased co-signer. I have to say that if I had a school loan with Sallie Mae & had to deal with this incompetence on a regular basis, I'd seriously consider walking away from my school loan just to avoid the hassle of dealing with them.

Also, when I called them the last time the girl asked my what my mother (co-signer of loan) died of. How on earth is that information even relavent??

I also sent them a check for over $18,000 back in September & never received a zero balance statement, which was the reason for the call today.

Now our government wants to take over health care. Soon we'll be contacting people in India about our medical claims.

If our government can't manage the post office, school loans, mortgages or a whore house in Vegas then how on earth can they manage health care?

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