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April 20, 2009


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P. chadha

what happened after the approval? what were they actually looking for? i just now had my cosigner sign the application and they said the same exact thing. how long did it actually take for them to give u their decision?


don't even bother with it. it's a waste. i have signed my life away to them. i received 12,750 USD, and not even 6 months later my balance is over 17,000 USD with a variable interest rate currently at 13%


Just STAY AWAY from Sallie Mae. It is a horrible company with terrible customer service. (I wonder how their employees still didn't get a nervous break down) This company will rip you off and take your money.


I just applied for the smart option loan for grad school, have great credit and co-signed with my dad, who also has great credit.the interest rate quoted is between 9.75 AND ALMOST 14%!! Anyone else have this issue? I'm wondering if I filled out something wrong. When I did the calculator online, it was more like 8-9 percent for the high with no fees. Now, they say they are charging a 0-5% disbursement fee. When I called twice they said they do not charge this fee anymore, starting in June. I cannot imagine the interest rate could actually be that high. I may as well put this on my credit card.

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