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January 14, 2009


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mary kizer

I need help filing a class action lawsuit concerning this same thing. I seem not to know who contact though. They did the samething to me plus got me trascripts hostage please help.
Mary kizer


My husband is in the same predicament. I thought this institution was a bad idea from the start. They force a schedule on you. There are no entrance exams. It is way to expensive and my husband never took a class the second semester and they want him to pay for the semester. WE NEED HELP AS WELL.


The class action suit is regarding the fraudulant enrollment practices of UoP.

Those who need help due to poor class quality, problems with instructors, transcripts being held hostage for money not owed may still be able to get it.

I'd suggest at least contacting the attorneys for the plantiffs in the fraud suit to see what can be done or, if necessary, how to go about filing another class action suit for their specific complaint.

I withdrew a couple weeks ago, after 4 sub-par classes when I found out about the complaints and suit. I was suspicious to begin with. My advisors were impossible to reach to answer any question. I just felt the complaints were well-grounded and made the choice to leave.

I'm planning to join the suit along with some other students if I receive word of owing money (funding covered all my classes already) or if my transcripts are not sent to the school I'm transferring to. Many others are doing the same, so it would be helpful to be able to reach one another.

Sorry for the long winded comment. If anyone reading this needs legal advice on this suit or help filing another, the plantiff's attorneys names, firms and websites follow:

Robert J. Nelson, Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein LLP, www.lieffcabraser.com

Michael Rubin, Altshuler Berzon LLP, www.altshulerberzon.com

Cliff Palefsky, McGuinn, Hillsman & Palefsky LLP, www.mhpsf.com

Daniel Robert Bartley, Bartley Law Offices, www.bartleylawoffices.com

Linda Pogue

Please keep me posted on the class action suit.

Got Duped

I need to know which lawyer to talk with about getting in on this class-action lawsuit. I recently withdrew after being blatantly lied to about my degree programs and not told how my finacial aid will work. They also did not tell me that they would use my Student Loan before my pell grant money.

Please email me @ Izabella215@hotmail.com and put in the description something along the lines of law suit agains UOP.


I have experienced the same thing. I am being told I owe over $3000 and my 31 credits are going to be held hostage until I pay them . Any class action I will join involving this . Please contact me if any arise. yoshislilgirl@yahoo.com

Douglas Smith

I have experienced similar issues, and know of three other students who have had similar problems with the University of Phoenix.

Two questions I have:

1. Do you know of any student that received a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant? All students with an EFC of "0" should have had FIRST priority for these grants. I know of several students (including myself) who were eligible, with EFC of "0", but did not receive a FSEOG.

2. Do you know of any students who had difficulties attempting to apply for a Leave of Absence?

I, and the other three students I know of, would be very interested in participating in any class action lawsuit against UOP. Thank you for any advice.

Miss Webbie

I also am having trouble at UNOP. No one gets back to me and I cannot get accurate information provided to me by the academic and financial counselors.

When I contacted my lender, they told me that UNOP is one of the schools that will not let a student go. She said that it is up to the discretion of the registrars office to release a student. She told me UNOP makes the student stay and use their entire loan amount, or they take punitive action.

Currently, my account is locked because they claim they have not received a payment from my lender, however after checking with the lender, I found they have received payment.

If enough students band together and communicated their displeasure at the cavalier way they are treated, there could be real change at the school. Also, if they spent more money on people to assist students instead of television commercials to get more students, there might be less unhappy people complaining about them.

Regardless the word needs to get out to the public to be very careful about this school, because the phoenix who arises from the ashes could have come from the fire of being burned by this school.

J. Walker

Ditto to all of this. I graducated 10 years ago and they are still holding my transcripts hostage for $2500 that they say I owe. UOP's policy is to not issue the degree until all debts are settled. Guess what, I have my degree but 4 months after graduation they claimed I had a balance owed because of money they supposedly had to return. I'm still on the hook for the money they "returned" via my student loans. They also screwed up my last Pell grant which would have negated any purported "balance". They also had me sign up for a private loan from Sallie Mae that would be used "just in case". So now Sallie MAe and UOP want the same money! So where did it go? Somebody's pocket! In short they want me to pay for their screw up. I'll live in a freakin' box before they get another dime from me!


Yes I know what everyone is going through I just recently was doing very good in my classes I was in at UofP online Axia college and my last session of classes which just ended on 9/13/09 I wanted to withdraw from one class because of the instructor and it was during the 3rd week of class when I sent an e-mail to my academic adviser that I wanted a withdraw from class and I didn't get a response from her until the 7th or 8th week when she told me that I could not withdraw from class because I had already gone through it. I do want to join in on this class action lawsuit before they try to get me to pay a dime back to them, I may just go back to my local community college an get a real person to person education. Write me back on my e-mail with info. kj7285_25@yahoo.com Thank you

laura eaker

This is ridiculous, I enrolled in a class and had to withdraw at that time, then 2 months later took that class and finished with an A. Now they wont give me my transcript so I can get my degree and further my life. In this day and age I need to make more money to provide for my 3 kids. I am a single mom and I cant get my financial aid because of them. They say I owe them money for a class I withdrew from. They already got there money when I went back. How can I get in on this suit.


I just completed my first nine week classes. I'm still waiting to get my financial aid. They have already receive their part of my student loan to pay for my classes and Pekll Grant, but giving me the run around on getting the other part of my student loan that should be mine. They keep making up excuses and reasons why I can not get my part of the loan, yet they have been paid. I have contacted my lender and they confirmed that they sent the money to University of Phoenix. I have started my next set of nine week classes and want to withdraw from the school, but another University that I am considering has told me to make sure and get sometime from them that my courses have been paid. I have read nothing but horror stories on the net about UOP. I am afraid I am going to be victum to this school as everyone else is. I'm not sure if I am a part of this lawsuit yet. I just want to get out from under this school and move on.

Georgia Rivera

I too need to find a lawyer regarding this same thing. I enrolled for 1 class in Aug. 2004 and had to withdraw due to my son contracting a bad illness 3 weeks into starting the class. I called my admission counselor who told me that it wasn't a full 30 days so I was not obligated to anything. 4.5 years later I find that they took money from a student loan, enrolled me for a different learning program I never agreed to take and didn't give back all the money to the student aid commission ruining my credit and preventing me from buying my house. I need to find a lawyer fast regarding this ordeal. They now have UoP reporting a collection, ACS/Bank of NY reporting a bad collection AND California Student Aid reporting a bad collection all on my credit with different open dates, amounts and as if this was all from different loans destroying my credit, preventing me from a job I applied for and I have been fighting this since I found out April of 2009. UoP had no right to enroll me for a 12 credit class without talking to me first, they had no right to take money AFTER I withdrew and I do not deserve to suffer these consequences caused by UoP's selfish and unethical acts.


The research that I have conducted has been disparaging for the University of Phoenix. I only wish that I had known prior to graduation that this school is in the business of ruining lives.
I've been a student since 4/2007 and I am to complete my BSB 12/2009. This is only after I have been swindled in to believing all my financial obligations were set and calculated correctly.
Well this is not the case. After months and months of back and forth phone calls with my underling FA counsel I've been notified that I'm in debt with the school for $5,000.40.
Can you believe that? My again, underling FAC returned the funds to my lender without any discussions with me the student, prior to this. Mean while I'm short a few GEN ED credits, so I ask the FAC, if I in fact add two classes with UOP my financial aid will more than cover that and the last class taken on ground which was completed in August 09. He says yes. So with that I contacted my AC, she stated the classes must be certified via financial aid first. So yes the underling approved them knowing I had not a dollar left to now pay for the class in August, and the two classes I added!
I'm pursuing my options, frankly this is just not what I had expected from this organization.
So now the FAC Supervisor that I had called on several occasions (and never returned my calls), becomes involved at the 11th hour. She says, "I see that you have been in contact with B. Choice, for pursuing your MBA/HR, well heres an option for you, stay at UOP and we can use your graduate money to pay you financial short fall..." Sick, lets rob Peter to pay Paul.
I do hope that I have some legal recourse against the disgusting business they call UOP. I want to prevent another person who has the sole intent to better their lives through education to not be duped in to enrolling in UOP.

kimberly may

Iam in some what the same situation.I was told that my disbursement date was oct 28 2009 on my student loans.my pell grant must have arrived before my loans so the school sent my loan checks back to the bank.when i contacted the bank the told me that the school has got it where over 10,000 dollars will be posted at one time which is in mar 2010.I get my student loans for the same reason as everybody eles does to help out with bills and up keep on my computer because of all the crap they have you to download.I think they are screwing me and they are avoiding me i have talked to everyone and everyone who will talk and they all say the same thing.but the person (ARA HUDSON) the one i need to talk to keeps beating around the bush.I do my work and i attend my classes but apparently that is still not enough.If i have to pay this money back it should be in my pocket not theirs.My bank said my money is ready and they stopped it.They wont tell me why. I do indeed want to join in on this lawsuit because i want an education to better myself and my kids life and for a school to mess with you like this should be fined and the people responsible should be fired.its like they take your money if you go and if you dont go.


I just ran into the same issue today. I have been told that I owe $720 for a class I am currently in becuase they haven't recieved my Pell Grant. I am also having my transcripts held until this current class and a class that I haven't even taken yet are paid for. I have also requested that they do not use student loan money until I have had the chance to pay out of pocket, and have found out that they have been using financial aid (who even knows if it's the full amount I should have recieved) as well as out of pocket money and $25,000 in student loans since March of 2008. This amount was never brought to my attention until I recieved a letter from USA Funds, a non-profit organization helping students to know what they actually owe in student loans. I was told that I had to check a box stating that I was interested in student loans on my FAFSA application or I wouldn't get a full amount of financial aid. What I was not told was that by checking this box I was signing a promissory note to pay student loans in the highest amounts that I was eligible for. When I learned this I began to research my old financial aid amounts and determined that when I was making more money and attending a different school I recieved 10,000 a year in financial aid and as of this year the school is telling me that they have only recieved 4,000 in financial aid. As I read other people's experiences I also realized that I never recieved any information from the FAFSA themselves, only what the UoP sent me telling me they recieved from the government. I email the attorney listed above in the hopes that they can at least point me in the direction of what to do now that I owe an insane amount of money and am not allowed to get my transcripts to attend a nonfraudulent school.

Christine Dunne

Here the emails I have sent my financial aid counselor so far,
I now have received further disturbing information. While having my credit run for a new car loan, I have been informed that there are three loans on my credit report. Two from Stafford/ACS for $9500 each and one from Bank of America for the same amount. I do not understand how this can be considering I have only gotten one loan for $9500 and my first payment is not due until 2013. Now Nancy, before you start thinking of your reply to this email, and how you’re going to tell me to contact someone else, do not bother. I do not know what the official job description for “financial aid counselor” is but if it is to be vague, do not give a damn about your students, go on vacation in the middle of renewals and just be an all around go ask someone else person, than by God you need a raise. I have filed a complaint with the Department of Education and Federal Student Aid. As I was researching the Apollo group I found a site that lists all the litigation against your institution, I will be contacting an attorney in the morning. It is unfortunate that I spent all this time on this rather than my assignments tonight. I will be completing my courses, but you can rest assure that I will be on this issue like a pit bull and will not rest until you are held accountable for your lack of action in my repeated requests for answers.
The reply was sorry call financial aid processing center so I replied with this
Ok I am going to tell this story one more time and see if it does any good. I started my fasfa app on 8/14, I realized the numbers I had for last year’s income were wrong and exited out of the app. I got the transcripts from the IRS and went back to correct the app and could not find it. I called the 800 number for fasfa and she said it did not exist; I insisted that it did. The woman at fasfa said to just do my app and do not worry about it. I called Nancy she said just do the app and do not worry. I tried to explain to her that there was an app out there that was incorrect and it would come up; she said do not worry just get it done, so I did. I called and emailed her regularly to check on the status I kept insisting that the previous app was going to cause a delay, she said everything was fine. The financial processing center told me on the 9th of October that my app had been escalated because it was passed their internal deadline. I was told it would take 11 days to process. I tried to call Nancy, who goes on vacation during a critical time in your job. I mean renewals for financial aid are going on and a “senior counselor” takes a week off??
On Oct 23rd a correction had to be done TADA here is where the old app comes in! Now I will not be getting my check until…. Well who knows? Every time I email or call Nancy she refuses to even take ownership of the fact that she was wrong, I have gotten the impression from day one that she is complacent in her job and cares for very little other than to get off the phone and shifting her responsibilities off on others. This delay is not my fault and I refuse to believe that a “financial aid counselor” worth her salt would not anticipate the issue and try to resolve it before it becomes one. I certainly did. I am about to lose the insurance on my vehicle, which Is going to result in my driver’s license to be suspended, which will result in losing a choice job at AT&T that I have been trying to get for a year. (I started last Monday). My cell phone is going to be cut off in a few days and I am now stuck with paying 23% interest on a laptop I bought so I could do my homework on my lunch hour which will soon be a lot longer since I will be losing my job. I’ve got enough food to last about 3 more days and I am at a loss with UOP. I do not understand why someone cannot get into the system process my app and get that money to me ASAP. I am working very hard on my degree I have a good GPA and all this is naught if I lose everything I have.

I truly believe that Nancy Gregory is lazy and complacent, I hope that my concerns about her lack of action on my issue is noted and that something is being doe to ensure she does not do this sort of thing to anyone else.
I was informed today that my app was delayed again it will be some time in Dec. now.


I have another great story about the UOP. Early this year I had a GPA of 3.0 and I had to have surgery. Because of the company that I work for, you cannot be on disability and continue schooling at the same time. I had to withdraw from my classes until I returned to work in March. I was emailed a form to fill out to get credit for the remaining time that I withdrew (so they say). After re-enrolling in the same classes again, I noticed that there was a credit on my account and so I thought that it would be applied to my account. Once I completed my nine weeks, I received a check in the mail. I assumed that it was part of my Pell disbursement and the rest would follow within the next month at least that is what my finacial advisor told me. So in waiting for my the remaining Pell to be delivered, I took a class that made no sense to me what so ever. The syallabus stated that we would start reading from chapter 2. As I began to read chapter 2, I was so confused because the literature kept referencing to things that were taught in chapter 1. When I emailed my instructor about by concern she told me that I needed to purchase the entire book. I was already three weeks into the class and knew that I would not pass because I was already too far behind. I contacted my academic counselor and he want to know if there was anything that he could do. I told him that would like to withdraw and re-take the class again. So he changed my schedule and in the meantime I still inquired about my Pell grant and I was told that I should have it by the end of the month and that the financial aid was behind and they were just working on processing requests from May. Needless to say that I did not get my Pell grant at all...The refund that I received prior the credit from a previously withdrawn class when I had surgery. I called and spoke to several different people. I could never get to the Dean ever. My compliant just wasn't being heard. Finally I voiced my dissatisfaction with a third line supervisor and she told me that I wasn't a full time student and that is why I did not get my second disbursment. I cannot understand what UOP considers to be a full time student. They classify full time as 24 hours or more. There was no partial disbursement of anything and they still haven't returned those funds to the government. My FAFSA states that they have as a full time student but there is nothing in writing indicating what they deem as full time. According to the Dept of Ed, they had the means and power to release it and they forwarded a complaint to the school. What they did do was rush my 09-10 Pell disbursement and they said that my 08-09 was gone. Can anyone tell me if this cause for legal actions. During that time with all of the re-taking of classes, I had attempted 24 hours. Any legal direction will be greatly appreciated.


UOP is trying to charge me $3151.00. They are claiming that I took a class twice when I didn't. My transcript is being held hostage. Please tell me how I can get in on this class action lawsuit. Thanks.


I am getting charged extra money from UOP, almost 2000, not sure why. They have lowered my course schedule for no reason, impossible to contact as well, and I am former military with a GI Bill. They automatically "Took care of the entire process" and now I am discovering countless bills and senseless answers that are confusing and indirect from anyone that does eventually respond. The faculty is also incredibly unqualified to even teach. I want to join any lawsuit. I am from Wisconsin, and if anyone knows of an attorney, or a lawsuit, or anything that can be done, please e-mail me at rachel.gomez@luckymail.com
What a mess, hopefully we all receive justice and UOP gets what they deserve.

David James

Something strange about educational lending should be observed by both state senate and the presidential level because of the connections they have in funding this school. This something strange is that 18 year old children, and yes they are still children, are being taken advantage of for 20,000 dollars to pursue "education". Go into a bank with an 18 year old kid, ask to apply for a loan, will any bank loan an 18 year old kid even 1000 dollars? Something seems a little fishy here.. That a school who controls the reasoning for students to be dropped can ask someone who cant get a 1k loan for 20k and get it approved. If the education provided was worth 20k or more, would these people who have their degrees be charging others 20k to go to an online class? Shouldn't the education they have allow them to make more money without robbing people who know no better? Don't believe the people being taken advantage of know no better? Look at the University of Phoenix demographics.

Mark Stanberry

I, too have been swindled by the promise of "online classes that work with MY schedule." My experience was anything BUT positive. First of all, the classroom via message board forum is ridiculous. Secondly, after repeatedly requesting I be put in "study groups" with students that have schedules similar to my own (and being promised it would be that way), I was still in groups made up of persons who were NEVER online after I got off work, and those who were able to log on during their work hours apparently. I was NEVER able to communicate with ANY of my "partners," and still got passing grades? What is this, some kind of diploma mill?

My transcripts are probably being held hostage as well, I haven't attempted to further my education because I'm now paying off the student loans from a REAL university I had previously attended. UoP is a complete JOKE, nobody in management at ANY company I've talked to considers a degree from UoP as genuine, I wish I had known all this before I signed up with them.

Autumn Stallings

Im not going to tell my story, you all know my story. I withdrew, they returned the money, I owe it, no transcripts. I am more than happy to join a class action lawsuit. Please contact me if there is one started.


I also have issues with UOP. They are holding my transcripts hostage due to there own error. They sent back my loans to the lender and tell me that I owe the balance before I get my diploma and transcripts.(I got married during my last class and changed my name with the school but not with the lender. The lender said we would update that during the next loan period, when I got my drivers lic and ss card changed legally changed to my new name.)I had the lender resend the funds to the school and I was told they couldnt accept them because I was no longer a student. Well duhhh by that time I had graduated. Now they are keeping my diploma and my transcripts until the payment is made. They have not been willing to work with me to set up a payment plan... instead they have sent it to the collections after I let them know that I had transfered schools and when I got my pell grant I would make the payment. A former class mate received her diploma with the wrong spelling on her name and when she called to request that it be changed they mailed her a diploma for her BA when she only completed her AA. Something is seriously wrong with this school.

Kymm Beaty

My story is the same....I owe the University over $2,200, since they disbursed funds to me when they shouldn't have, and they are denying my a teach grant that I have met all the criteria for. Th University of Phoenix has mismanaged my finances to the point that I cannot receive ONE official transcript in order to prove that I completed all of the classes for my Master's in Special Education. Instead of taking this time to celebrate, I am stressed and mourning on a daily basis. I called the Attorney General' Office in AZ, for consumer affairs. I am willing to begin a class action lawsuit, but need more legal advice!

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