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October 09, 2008


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....just not fair
I have no one in my family that can co-sign, had plans to study abroad. Not just because "i would have loved to do it" but because i am one of the first in my family to even attend college...it was somthing i thought would never be possible for me, i was so close, so ready, all paperwork done....THIS has stopped me. I've been approved before with a stand alone credit for the signature loan. I have been denied for my january term. Now i am possibly facing monthly tuition payments.
if anyone has any information to help me please, email me ninayari1@aol.com


I was declined a student loan for my last 4 classes. The ironic thing is that since Sallie Mae approved my first student loan, my credit scores have improved. So if I cannot come up with the money to finish up, I will be forced to pay Sallie Mae,sooner than anticpated and without a degree (which would potentially increase my salary).

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